SCPAAA Board (left to right): Harry Waggoner, Mary Lou Waggoner, Stacey Doll, Jack Martin, Roger Whitebird, Barb Sward, Christina Cox & Travis Shannon

The Springfield Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (SCPAAA) is lead by a ten-person board, all of whom are graduates of the Citizen Police Academy. The board oversees the projects and efforts of SCPAAA, including organizing and hosting community events such as Breakfast with Santa and the annual Safety Fair held at Jerry’s, volunteering at police department events, recognizing our local police department personnel and coordinating the bicycle helmet program that provides free helmets to Springfield youth. SCPAAA functions with the purpose of supporting Springfield Police Department in their everyday work in protecting our community and helping to bridge the relations between the department and the community.

President: Barb Sward (Term ends 2018)
Vice President: Paul Hoerauf (Term ends 2018)
Treasurer: Christina Cox (Term ends 2019)
Secretary: Marilee Woodrow (Term ends 2018)
Board Members At-Large: Stacey Doll, Jack Martin, Travis Shannon, Roger Whitebird, Mary Lou Waggoner, Harry Waggoner